Tuesday has a feel 1.1

Hey guys! We’ve been slacking on the weekly blog posts… But, we have been busy scheduling work, reorganizing materials/tools, designing new products, and working on some family projects. And now, we want to get you guys caught up on our recent activities!

               As some of you may already know, we recently put out two videos on YouTube. The first was a build video of a hexagonal back drop that we completed for a client’s baby shower. This video, in our humble opinion, was a pretty solid hit for our fledgling YouTube channel (cough…cough… please subscribe to Rybak Woodworking on YouTube).

               The second, and most recent video, was intended for the hardcore woodworking fan. We upgraded the cutter head in our 6 inch Reliant Jointer and showed, (for the most part), how we did it. Shout out and thank you to Oella Saw and Tool in Ellicott City for setting us up with all the appropriate parts, #SupportLocal. If you haven’t seen our second video please take the time to give it a look. Even if it’s not your bag, we’d love to hear some constructive feedback on what we could do better in the future.

               Slowly we have begun to venture out into the realm of YouTube to try to provide you with a greater insight into the inner workings of our company. We deliberated taking this step for quite some time. We finally came to the conclusion that by showing you what goes into making a product from start to finish, you could learn a little more about our shop and its capabilities. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we figure a video has to be worth close to a million, maybe a million plus. Our build videos will show most, if not all, of the steps that it takes to complete a finished product, so if you ever want to give one of our projects a whirl on your own, you could have a good reference point. Some of our builds take a few hours, others take days, and sometimes, through the magic of editing it’s easy to lose sight of that. We wish all our products would come together in ten minutes or less but unfortunately that’s not the case. Don’t worry, it won’t all be build videos and woodworking nerd stuff, we will have some fun and hopefully get you guys to laugh at us and with us. As we continue to grow, we hope you continue to support us! We make mistakes and fail just like everyone else, and we want to share our ups and downs with you along the way.

               We hope that you take the time to subscribe to our YouTube channel and join us along this crazy journey we are embarking on (We provided a link below). By expanding our presence online, our small family business can grow and reach new markets/clients. We are passionate about keeping the handmade movement strong and supporting Baltimore’s strong manufacturing industry.

               Feel free to ask questions about the tools, materials, and methods we use. We love hearing from you, the community that has given us so much support over the past two years!