Tuesday has a feel 1.2

Dusting off the keyboard.

The ups and downs of woodworking keep us busy in a variety of different ways. If we aren’t in the shop working on a project, we are working out new ideas, trying to drum up new business, or trying to keep things organized and clean….which is often a losing battle.  In between this round of client work, we were fortunate enough to work with a fantastic local company, Ride Creative.

Ride Creative is a Baltimore based production company working to promote businesses of all shapes and sizes with amazing video campaigns. They have the ability to put together short-form promotional shots that are perfect for the various social media platforms we all use daily (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc.). Additionally, they also produce long-form storytelling, multi-camera productions, and everything in between. The team at Ride Creative is able to work with you from start to finish to help you tell your company’s story, allowing people to see a different side of what your company does on a daily basis. With several years of industry experience in cinematography, photography, production, and storytelling Ride Creative has the tools and the talent to get the job done right.

Long story short: if you need video content, Ride Creative can make it happen.

Our personal experience with Ride Creative was a 10/10. We worked from start to finish with Shane, a fellow Baltimore resident, who was able to connect with our local story. The experience started with a couple of emails/phone calls back and forth to learn about what our companies did respectively. After the short round of emails, we picked a day to meet up at the shop in order for Shane to become familiar with the space we work in, the lighting, and what we might want to try to capture on film. From there Shane developed a rough outline for the shoot and a list of interview questions for us to answer. Taking the time to fully answer the list of questions greatly helps the production team, so if you do decide to reach out to Ride Creative give them more rather than less. Once we looked over the outline and answered the questions we were ready to roll! We picked a day to film and made it happen.

We started filming around 9AM and rapped everything around 2-3 PM.  Based off of Shane’s previous trip to the shop, he had a good idea of what he wanted to capture, making the shoot very easy and organized. Shane was able to coach me through the on camera interview, making me feel more comfortable and less robotic. It’s funny how a camera can make you act differently sometimes. We filmed quite a bit of extra content in order to make the best possible end product. It was neat to see what made the cut.

A few days later, Shane had the rough cuts finished and ready for us to review. The rough cuts were solid, and we were ready to upload them to the interwebs right then and there. Shane was able to shape the video footage into a fine piece of art. Cannes Film Festival look out! We were pumped and gave Shane the green light to finish editing the video so we could put it out to the public. The finishing touches he applied to the video really made it pop. Shane provided us with two video files, one formatted to work with Instagram and the other for YouTube. Please take the time to view them if you haven’t already :)


The entire process from start to finish was extremely low impact to Rybak Woodworking's operations. Shane and the entire Ride Creative team were extremely professional and streamlined in their work. We provided an approximate timeline above to give you an idea of how the process went for us.

If you or your company are in need of video content of any kind, I would ask that you reach out to Ride Creative and help support another local company. As Baltimore continues to grow, we should continue to help our local businesses grow.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Back to the shop,

Mike Rybak

Tuesday has a feel 1.1

Hey guys! We’ve been slacking on the weekly blog posts… But, we have been busy scheduling work, reorganizing materials/tools, designing new products, and working on some family projects. And now, we want to get you guys caught up on our recent activities!

               As some of you may already know, we recently put out two videos on YouTube. The first was a build video of a hexagonal back drop that we completed for a client’s baby shower. This video, in our humble opinion, was a pretty solid hit for our fledgling YouTube channel (cough…cough… please subscribe to Rybak Woodworking on YouTube).

               The second, and most recent video, was intended for the hardcore woodworking fan. We upgraded the cutter head in our 6 inch Reliant Jointer and showed, (for the most part), how we did it. Shout out and thank you to Oella Saw and Tool in Ellicott City for setting us up with all the appropriate parts, #SupportLocal. If you haven’t seen our second video please take the time to give it a look. Even if it’s not your bag, we’d love to hear some constructive feedback on what we could do better in the future.

               Slowly we have begun to venture out into the realm of YouTube to try to provide you with a greater insight into the inner workings of our company. We deliberated taking this step for quite some time. We finally came to the conclusion that by showing you what goes into making a product from start to finish, you could learn a little more about our shop and its capabilities. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we figure a video has to be worth close to a million, maybe a million plus. Our build videos will show most, if not all, of the steps that it takes to complete a finished product, so if you ever want to give one of our projects a whirl on your own, you could have a good reference point. Some of our builds take a few hours, others take days, and sometimes, through the magic of editing it’s easy to lose sight of that. We wish all our products would come together in ten minutes or less but unfortunately that’s not the case. Don’t worry, it won’t all be build videos and woodworking nerd stuff, we will have some fun and hopefully get you guys to laugh at us and with us. As we continue to grow, we hope you continue to support us! We make mistakes and fail just like everyone else, and we want to share our ups and downs with you along the way.

               We hope that you take the time to subscribe to our YouTube channel and join us along this crazy journey we are embarking on (We provided a link below). By expanding our presence online, our small family business can grow and reach new markets/clients. We are passionate about keeping the handmade movement strong and supporting Baltimore’s strong manufacturing industry.

               Feel free to ask questions about the tools, materials, and methods we use. We love hearing from you, the community that has given us so much support over the past two years!